Why are Stuhrling watches so cheap

Why Are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap? Fabulous FAQs in 2022

Why are Stuhrling watches so cheap? Today, we are going to answer the question.

Time is a crucially important factor in the design of a watch.

It is truly a piece of art that should be studied and appreciated. Watches have traditionally denoted financial and social success.

Stuhrling is a newcomer to a long line of successful businesses.

They claim to have sold over fifteen million watches in the last two decades.

Watches today are very innovative. Watches are readily available to almost all of today’s population.

The main goal of Stuhrling is to give people the best possible design without discriminating on the basis of their age or financial status.

Thanks to present-day advances in manufacturing, outsourcing, and new assembly techniques, this is feasible.

Why are Stuhrling watches so cheap?

Since this issue involves where Stuhrling watches are made, we must consider watching movements.

Although several versions of Stuhrling’s watches are offered, there are only a few variants of them to the design.

Different models have different quality movements, so it’s important to know which are good and which are not.

Are Stuhrling watches made in China?

One of the most significant factors influencing commodity cost is where it is manufactured.

Chaim Fischer, the owner of the company, is based in New York, but the watches are made in Hong Kong City, Shenzhen.

Hong Kong is the cheapest in terms are Stuhrling products made.

Many companies use the same mechanism.

A lot of successful businesses employ the same strategy, just look at Stürling’s, for example, Chinese watches with Japanese movements made.

The glass used in their watches is known as Krysterna.

Although the Krysterna crystal is tougher than sapphire, it is less likely to break due to its less brittle structure.

 If you’re looking to spend more money on an awesome timepiece, then a Stuhrling would suit the bill.
Usually, Stuhrling watches catch the eye because of their looks rather than because they are elegant.
To be sure, if you are a watch enthusiast and want luxury timepieces, you can buy them from different brands.

Brands that are well-known are recognized like Rolex, Breitling, and Omega.

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What movement does Stuhrling use?

A watch is controlled by a ‘movement’, which includes the mechanism as well as the dials and anything else that may be incorporated into the watch.

Stuhrlings are inexpensive, affordable timepieces with the Chinese movement.

They are beautiful, but their quality management issues are recognized among watch enthusiasts.

However, not all Chinese watches or movements are of equal quality.

Stuhrling incorporates tourbillon, quartz, automatic, and mechanical movements.

A quartz watch keeps time using an oscillator that is controlled by quartz.

People choose quartz watches for their price and excellent timekeeping, as there are plenty of both fashion and quartz designs available.

Sea-Gull Shanghai and Hangzhou movements are used in Stührling automatic watches.

Despite its name, Stuhrling is never considered trustworthy by some because it is made in Hong Kong.
Some people do not trust Stuhrling watches.

They want a Rolex but don’t know that the Stuhrling price is one hundred times cheaper than the average Rolex.

Thus, one Rolex will purchase one hundred Stuhrling watches.

History of Stuhrling Watch

American Watch Company Stuhrling was founded in 1999 in New York, which designs and sells timepieces. The brand’s owner is Chaim Fischer.

The company claims to use the ‘Swiss Watchmaking’ standard, but the majority of its watches are not made in Switzerland.

At present, Stuhrling designs blend traditional with high authority for an “early 21st-century aesthetic.

Mechanical self-winding types continue to be in demand, despite the increase in popularity of mechanical movements.

The elegant Everest limited edition mechanical tourbillon watch is a perfect illustration of a Stührling Original.

For more timeless looks, it comes in a rose-gold or silver-toned stainless steel case.

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Is Stuhrling a good brand?

The overall credibility of Stuhrling has varied.

While most consumers consider the watches to be of high quality, some have expressed dissatisfaction because of the watch’s movement.

Stuhrling products are excellent, for the price.

The price of this brand is on average is $200, and the watches have decent wearability after that.

Stuhrling also introduced a range of more expensive versions featuring Chinese Tourbillon movements.

These are usually the most appealing designs in this manufacturer’s line.

The average ratings for these timepieces reveal that many customers rated them high.

It is widely suspected that many Stuhrling watches are unreliable, due to their manufacture in Hong Kong.
A lot of people want high-quality Swiss watches and they want Rolex efficiency.

But they fail to realize that they are several times cheaper on average than the Rolex-Stuhrling pricing scale.

Traditionally, most people think of Swiss-made Tag Heuer and Japanese-made Casio digital watches.

But how much will they cost? Many of the ideas these technologies have are highly creative, but none of them are considered important.

Time is the most important element in a watch. Anything else is insignificant.

There is an exception, of course, but almost everyone can afford a Stuhrling watch.

You’ll save a great deal on a great timepiece.

Buying a watch from this company is a reason because you won’t sacrifice your hard-earned money.

Most Stuhrling cases are made out of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel.

Top-grain leather straps are used in some versions. Replacing the watch straps is simple.

Are Stuhrling Watches Waterproof?

Like many other watches, Stuhrling watches have varying water resistance.

Water-proofing is commonly done in atmospheres (ATM), so you have a wide range of options depending on what you plan to do with your watch.

As an example, watches with a water resistance of 3 ATMs can endure light rainfall, but they cannot withstand complete immersion in water.

Watches manufactured by Stuhrling are suitable for showers and swimming pools.

They are water-resistant to a maximum of 5ATM.

For swimming or snorkeling, higher water rating watches can be used.

Stuhrling watches are waterproof to varying degrees of immersion.

They have been designed to withstand many types of water activities without being damaged.

Although additional water resistance is available at a slightly higher cost.

We feel that it is important for you to have to keep in mind the other significant features.

So it’s entirely up to you if you care more about your lifestyle or choice if you are willing to spend the extra money on it. ​

Do Stuhrling Watches come with a warranty?

When purchasing an original Stuhrling timepiece, the buyer receives a comprehensive warranty as well.
In the box is included with the watch is a warranty information card with the details of the manufacturer or vendor information regarding the warranty.

A 2-year warranty is offered from the date of purchase from an approved or any reputable retailer.
The Stuhrling warranty doesn’t cover the bracelet, straps, case, or crystals.

Watches that aren’t water-resistant have no water damage protection.

Both repairs and replacements are covered by a warranty, and they are subject to no additional cost.

Different Models of Stuhrling

Some of the most famous Stuhrling watches are mentioned below.

1.  Stuhrling Original Men’s  Automatic

Skeleton 3133.1

This is a self-winding timepiece that comes in a stainless steel case to assure that it will not be damaged if it is accidentally knocked or scratched.

The perfect feature is the analog display, which is adorned with a skeleton face, which provides an appealing appearance.

In addition, it provides a fair price considering all that.

The Kryst Crystal window protects your goods from shattering because it has proven shatter-resistant in many other devices.

2. Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic

Skeleton 730.02

Stuhrling has a gray-colored face and copper numerals and hands.

It’s versatile; you can wear it all the time. The elegant design of the dauphine hands makes it very simple to read.
The dauphine hand is used by luxury companies.

Its blade is thick at the base, and tapers to a thin point, a little like a sword.

A case made of stainless steel measuring 42 mm and featuring a Krysterna Crystal window.

It looks very expensive, but it is shockingly inexpensive, so everybody should have a cheap automatic watch as well.

3.  Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviation


This traditional, but fashionable aviator design features an elegant, blackface dial and numbering in a modern typeface.

The luminous hands will help you to see the time even in the dark.

It displays the day of the week and month as well.

This watch comes with a variety of three color schemes, with a strap in black, brown, or green leather.
This watch is water-resistant to a depth of 100 m (328 ft).

It features a Japanese quartz movement and an analog display, all of which are handled proficiently.
Quartz movements are widely used with analog displays, so it’s good to have them together with the same watch.

4.  Stuhrling Original Mens Aquadiver Regatta


This stylish quartz dive watch is good for swimming, snorkeling, and even diving up to 200m(20 ATM).
The dial has big, readable numerals, which glow under exposure to light.

It has a Unidirectional rotating bezel. This is useful for divers who like to stay under for long periods of time.

This watch has a very accurate and durable Japanese Miyota movement.

It’s comfortable and looks like a high-quality timepiece.

It’s a great watch for the price, and it is rugged enough to handle regular dives in the bilge of boats, rough water, and splashes in the ocean.

5.  Stührling Original Men’s  Automatic


You have to admit, the intricate, luxurious nature of this skeleton watch makes it stand out in a crowd.
Krysterna crystal is one of the most significant components of the Stuhrling series.

The 46mm case size makes the watch a lot more impressive but is barely visible to the person wearing it.
The brand, however, claims to be water-resistant to around 50 meters.

The band is also made of high-quality alligator embossed leather.

No degradation was reported after a week of wear in high temperatures was observed.

6.  Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Regatta


The Stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta Watch comes with a black bezel that ensures you can see the time without straining your eyes.

The band’s quality is outstanding and is eventually completed with a superior clasp.

It’s on the high side but is reasonably priced.

The diameter of the inside of the stainless steel case is 42 millimeters with a coating of Krtsytera Crystal that covers it.

The combination of black and grey is still in style, regardless of what timepiece you’re wearing.

Additionally, it provides additional quality features that make this the ideal companion for your flawless wrist.
It boasts a water resistance of up to 200m and is fairly priced considering its features.


Hopefully, this article has explained why are Stuhrling Watches are so Cheap?

Many of the questions in this article will have been answered and things will become a little simpler now.
If you are in the market for a sleek, elegant timepiece, Stuhrling offers many styles to choose from.
Stuhrling offers attractive men’s dive watches at reasonable prices.

The Stuhrling is not a high-end watch, it is a mid-priced, modern-looking watch for those who wear it every day.