cheap swiss made watch brands

Cheap Swiss Made Watch Brands

Cheap Swiss Made Watch Brands demonstrate that excellent stuff can always come at a reasonable price.

For stylish and dynamic individuals, luxury timepieces are the first choice.

Although many individuals can’t afford to purchase these luxury brands, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a decent Swiss watch.

Several other brands with a fantastic and impressive style available have cheap Swiss watches.

Compared to their quality these watches are quite cheap and beautifully designed.

We’ve listed the top 10 Cheap Swiss Made Watch Brands that are elegantly built, and very sturdy.



Mondaine is a swiss watch company founded in 1951 and is located in Switzerland.

In that capacity, their processes and manufacturing process are there.

usually, you won’t see a terrible watch coming out of that region, because they are highly regulated by the industry.

They are Swiss, which is really a bonus. Their models are legitimately impacted by old railroad timekeepers.

Mondaine additionally creates a determination of watch models that are greatly inspired by current craftsmanship, well worth looking at.

Mondaine’s timepieces are accurate, readable, and trendy.

Their casings are made of stainless steel, regular for the price range.

The drawback is that the crystal is mineral and not sapphire. The glass won’t be scratch-resistant.

All in all, they resemble a somewhat fascinating organization that offers quality watches.

If you decide for purchasing a Swiss watch or adding a Swiss watch to your assortment, Mondaine is a great fit!

Mondaine Men’s Swiss Railways 



Different Models Of Mondaine




Hamilton is a Swiss watch company situated in Switzerland, Bienne.

This brand offers a stunning range of affordable Luxury timepieces and is a great option for all who enjoy the traditional wristwatch style.

This company is renowned for its inexpensive Swiss watches.

Recently, Hamilton has discovered stylish and modern designs to offer its buyers a variety of choices.

Nearly all watch specialist over here is telling you that Hamilton isn’t a luxury brand, but this is no thump on them by any stretch of the imagination.

When it comes to cost range, Hamilton watches stay in the middle, but their product quality is considered to be among the best in the market.

Hamilton watches are cost-effective, elegant, and durable, that is why the horology community holds them in such the highest esteem.

Hamilton Men’s H64455533 Khaki King 



Different Models Of Hamilton




Movado is marketed as a Swiss watch. Movado began production in 1983. This brand is not a luxury high-priced watch.

You can purchase their quartz movement and automatic movement for under $30 to $200.

This is a truly trustworthy organization fabricating some extremely remarkable products.

The watches of the company are accessible everywhere throughout the world.

The innovative design of the company has attracted fans and enthusiasts all around the world.

Movado is incredibly notable for its notorious historical museum dial design.

Each watch should have a sapphire crystal on the rates they charge.

They just seem to be using it on their 800 dollars model though. The watches are appropriate in fit and finish.

Movado watches are deemed available and well built at a low to moderate price point.


Movado Men’s Core Museum Classic – 0607271


Different Models Of Movado





Victorinox is a luxury watchmaker and knife manufacturer. It is notable for its Swiss Army knives.

Nowadays, Victorinox provides plenty of items like perfumes, Swiss watches, Swiss Army Knives, shoes, and kitchen knives.

Victorinox watches are famous for their reliability, long-lasting design, and long service life.

The brand does have great quality and has a sapphire crystal and Swiss movement.

Their watches are very reasonably priced Swiss-made timepieces.

Victorinox manufactures its own movements, and They are highly accurate, they can calculate time in just a few seconds a year.

This brand gives you a great friend of your life to use for every situation.

The brand provides value for money as well as a wide variety of styles and designs.


Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. 



Different Models Of Victorinox





Swatch is the largest watchmaking group that provides almost all the items required by its brands for the watches sold.

This company was introduced in 1983. Swatch formed a network of loyal watch enthusiasts dedicated to their company as Swatch Club members that gives ownership to the owners of their iconic watches.

Watches that are affordable and comfortable, reliable, and sturdy for daily use.

Such watches usually range from $50-$100. Such watches are often made of silicone and plastic.

Swatch is a suitable brand for a teenager. ETA movement is also owned by this group.

Current Swatches are not only telling the exact time.

They have become statements of style, and decorative items with the absolute most dynamic designs in the world.


The Swatch Group owns these 18 Brands

swatch pic


Swatch Men’s SUON700 Quartz



Different Models Of Swatch





Tissot is a Swiss, luxury watch brand. Tissot was established in 1853.

These days Tissot has been an additional member of The Swatch Group was joining in 1983.

To this day they are all based in Le Locle, Switzerland.

The total cost of production is lower for all originating and manufactured in the same region, which helps the company to sell its timepieces at reasonable prices.

Tissot launched the first pocket watch which was mass-produced.

This brand is famous for its sophisticatedly crafted mechanical, sporty chronographs watches.

Tissot-built watches with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and sturdy fabrics for watch straps.

When you are in the market for a new wristwatch, you should think about getting a Tissot watch.

Such watches are renowned for their advanced subtleties and top-notch parts.


Tissot Men’s T17158652 PRC 200 




Different Models Of Tissot




Certina is a sports and dive watchmaker and a member of the Swatch Group.

The watches of this swiss company are accessible for the most part in Europe, particularly Switzerland.

In reality, Certina is also a watch brand under the Swatch Group.

What’s more, the motivation behind why the brand isn’t as famous as some others in the group is because Certina, as a corporation, doesn’t especially organize promoting.

This company offers a wide variety of watches which are very distinctive.

The first advancement of this company is its shock-resistant movement but also relies on durability and strength.

Notwithstanding the shortage of marketing, Certina maintains the outstanding quality of its watches and gives special attention to accuracy and reliability.


Certina Ds First Men’s Black 


Different Models Of Certina

8. ♥ RADO


Rado is a world-renowned company, popular for its innovative nature.

Its utilization of advanced materials makes most of the world’s finest and robust watches.

Rado is one of Switzerland’s largest brands with an emphasis on exclusive materials, creative designs, and technological advancement.

This brand is a member of The Swatch Team.

This company controls most of the watch firms. Swatch Group will not be selling parts either. They are using ETA movements.

The use in their watches of advanced materials such as ceramic, titanium, was actually groundbreaking.

These Rado watches are also thought by horologists to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, usability, and sleek designs.

Such watches look very nice classy suits, and casual styles as well.

Because of the visual appeal, cutting-edge materials, and excellent features, the price of the watches demands absolutely fairness.

In short, they’re a more exclusive and usually less costly watch company for young individuals.


Rado Men’s Quartz Watch R27234306



Different Models Of Rado



9. ♥ MIDO


Headquarters is located in Le Locle, Switzerland, Mido is a member of the Swatch Group.

While it appears to be mainly marketed in Europe and less so in the USA. Movements are with ETA.

Watches of this brand have incredible unique case designs, attractive pieces that won’t become unpopular, in addition to the costs are unbeatable.

Mido and Rado watches are identical, however entirely moderate.

They look amazing and these two companies are really loved by people. Particularly, in Asia, you will see a great deal of them.

Mido is especially admired as one of the top accredited chronometer manufacturers.

Mido is a perfect choice when you’re on a budget. Some do not find the brand name very common, that is why it is likewise considered misjudged.

Most noteworthy value for the money for superb swiss in low mid-cost.


MIDO-M86004188 Men’s Swiss Automatic


Different Models Of Mido



10. ♥ ALPINA


Swiss watch brands are renowned for their reliability and outstanding performance.

Alpina is a founder of Swiss watchmaking. Alpina introduced the sport-watch idea.

Under the leadership of Gottlieb Hauser Alpina began production in 1883.

The mission was to provide reliable and long-lasting watches. The robustness is another feature of the Alpina timepieces.

At a very reasonable price range, Alpina genuinely produces great, solid, and reliable Swiss Made luxury timepieces.

This company makes excellent watches, however, they aren’t as well popular as most Swiss watches.

They have diver and pilot timepieces that appeal to their customers’ every budget point.

Unlike those other rugged watches, they’re neither huge nor heavy. they are sleek and classy as well.

They can be worn even on formal, informal, or business occasions.


Alpina Men’s Startimer Swiss-Quartz 



Different Models Of Alpina




The Swiss watch brand is a big concept and this group involves many well-known brands.

But many people can’t afford to buy such luxury brands.

When you are searching for a quality timepiece at an affordable cost, you can believe that Swiss-made watches are of quality.

Swiss-made watches are not only respected by the world for their accuracy but also for their affordability.

You can consider buying all the above-listed cheap swiss made watch brands at reasonable price tags.