cheap chinese smart watches

Cheap Chinese Smart Watches

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Cheap Chinese Smart Watches are a great choice for those who like a smartwatch but simply couldn’t afford an Apple Watch.

Wearable devices have become more popular throughout the world. Nowadays, people are now more attracted to smart devices.

Such devices are very effective in maintaining health checks. For all those people who love to wear watches, Chinese smartwatches are becoming a requirement.

Here is the list of the most popular 2020 cheap Chinese smart watches in the world.


Willful SmartWatch

  • IP68 waterproof.

  • Supports 9 Modes

  • StopWatch & Timer

Amazfit Bip

  • Has GPS

  • 45 Day Battery Life

  •  4 Sports Modes

Amazfit Bip Lite

  • No GPS

  • Has  PPG Sensors

  • 3 ATM Water Resistant

Amazfit Bip S

  • Has GPS

  • 40 Days Battery Life

  • 10 Sports Modes

Letsfit SmartWatch

  • 10 Days Battery Life

  • Multi-sport mode

  • IP68 Waterproof

YAMAY Smart Watch

  • Has GPS

  • 14 sport mode

  • IP68 Waterproof


1. Willful Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phones



Willful Smart Watch

This is a perfect fitness tracker for the reasonable cost of a smartwatch. Multi-track activities for up to 9 sports, like cycling, walking, running, fitness, yoga, etc.

Track and measure your sleep quality automatically during the day. It has an advanced heart rate sensor. It will automatically track your heart rate every 5 minutes all day.

Willful Smart Watch is standard IP68 waterproof. You should wear it while washing your face, hands, and swimming.

During exercise, attaching the GPS to your cellphone will monitor all your activity routes and location.

This watch has amazing battery life. This watch can work up to 10 days of usage time.

This watch will function for up to 10 days. The battery life of this watch is fantastic.

You can choose from three phases of brightness for this watch. In the sun, it can be seen clearly.




2. Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch



Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

The Amazfit Bip is nice, affordable, and has excellent battery life.

Amazfit Bip just weighs about 32 g and is 11.5 mm wide. It is possible to wear the Bip for the whole day.

To keep you updated and involved, the Amazfit Bip smartwatch is the ideal everyday companion.

Tracking everyday steps, calories, and distances and inspires you to get up more frequently.

Amazfit also has a GPS. Accurate workout details such as workout length, intensity, distance, heart rate can be displayed in the various sports modes.

The Amazfit Bip has sensors for air pressure and altitude; they do not come with Bip Lite sensors.

Amazfit Bip is the system for you if you are doing more outdoor sporting activities and want to monitor your path using GPS without bringing a smartphone with you.

The Amazfit Bip is an amazing bargain, a full fitness smartwatch.




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3. Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch


Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch

Due to its plastic build, the AmazFit Bip Lite is very lightweight, and one can wear it comfortably all day and at night too.
The AmazFit Bip Lite is extremely lightweight because of its plastic structure, and You’ll forget you’re wearing it.

This smartwatch’s battery backup is very good, and it lasts for a maximum of 45 days once the battery is fully charged.

The Amazfit Bip Lite does not have any GPS receiver, so estimates of position and distance depend on the paired smartphone.

Sensor and GPS components are the main differences between the AMAZFIT Bip and the AMAZFIT Bip Lite.

if you choose Bip Lite, you can miss the GPS. GPS is a vital feature for outdoor activities and sports if you are using your Amazfit watch.

Bip Lite has the PPG Optical heart rate sensor to track the heart rate accurately.

In Bip Lite, there are a few other sensors that are unavailable.

AMAZFIT Bip Lite is the more affordably priced version of the GPS-free regular Bip.




4. Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch



Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch

The Bip S has little bit better fitness characteristics and a significantly better screen.

The Bip S has constant heart rate tracking and has excellent battery life.

The Amazfit Bip S is identical to the standard Bip in appearance.

At 50 meters, it is waterproof. While swimming, you can carry it, and also collect useful stats about swimming.

For a relaxed day & nightwear and during sports events, just 31 g total weight and 11.4 mm thickness.

10 modes of sports are supported by Amazfit Bip S Running, walking, Cycling, Pool, Yoga, and so on.

Amazfit Bip S has 4 vivid color choices and enables you to receive on the watch monitor emails, text messages, calls, and app updates.

A PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor for heart rate monitoring comes with it.




5. Letsfit Smart Watch




Letsfit Smart Watch

It’s very lightweight, affordable, easy to wear, and sleek. The touch screen is extremely sensitive and precise.

Letsfit is Standard IP68 waterproof. When washing hands, baths and swimming, you should wear it.

Like many other conventional health trackers, 24 hours a day, Lestfit Smart Tracker can track your moves, calories burned, sports activity, and sleep quality status.

The dial is 1.3 inches and has a touch screen, the bandwidth is 40 mm.

For someone who likes a smartwatch but simply couldn’t afford an Apple Watch, it’s a great and affordable alternative.



6. YAMAY Smart Watch for Android

and iOS Phone




YAMAY Smart Watch

This smartwatch looks almost exactly like an Apple Watch apparently.

The watch is IP68 waterproof. you should wear it when you washing hands, taking bath and swimming.

The straps can be changed so that you can change them with various colors and designs to suit your needs.

You have to choose from 4 trendy watch faces. With one single charge, this watch will operate for 7-10 days.

This watch can automatically change the brightness according to the location.

Identify and monitor your sleep all day automatically and give you a lot of deep sleep.

Monitor the heart rate consistently all day long. For more accurate real-time speed & distance with GPS.

If you’d like a reliable waterproof tracker that provides a lot of smartwatch functionality and has an outstanding battery, Yamay 020 smartwatch is the best option for you.







The need for intelligent users is a smartwatch. With modern innovation, everyone wants to update themselves.

Due to its quality and price ideology, Chinese smartwatches also attract more buyers. I hope this article will help you to buy the best cheap Chinese smartwatches.

We listed the best affordable Chinese smartwatches, and that is the latest in all aspects, too.

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